North Carolina Day 5: Zip-Lines & Rafting

We’re half way through our trip and time for some zip-line time!

Mom zipping through the forest!  It wasn’t scary at all.

Paul relaxing away.

Joe is ready to take the leap.

Joe bounces this board back and forth, making it hard to walk without hanging on.

David joins us for the day. He’s at a music camp in Brevard for 7 weeks. He comments at the end of the day that he hadn’t thought about bassoon or practicing at all.  I guess mom’s activities were a hit today!

David and Erik have a zip-line race, and I think they tied.

Part two of our day was white water rafting down class II and III rapids on the Nantahala River.  The family owned tour company we used was very nice and the price was so reasonable.  I’d do it often if I lived around here.  A nice way to spend an afternoon.  We lucked out with the weather and had a blast!  Joe was the first to get to the last rapids of the run.  He got caught up in the current around a rock.

I think he got sideways in the current and current won 🙁  Watch as it plays out.

Between the rock and the current, he loses.

Man overboard!

Luckily we had just bought him a strap for his sunglasses before heading down the river.  A wise investment.

He manages to hold on to his paddle and raft.  Life vest is helpful too 🙂  He is pulled to safety by crew standing by.

Paul and Bethany head for the final rapids.  We go straight through the rapids.

We splashed our way through.  It is great fun!

Erik takes his turn at the final rapids.  This was his first time solo in a raft down any rapids.  He did great!

He’s just riding it out and having a great time!

Time for the pro in our family.  He’s got on his “beast” look!

Nothing to this.

Okay, this requires a bit of paddling.

Riding out the waves.

And he paddles to a strong finish!  A great day for all!

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