Flowers and animal visitors!!


Our home at 1700 Ridgewood Lane, Roseville, MN.  Paul’s dad built the homes on the lane and we are fortunate enough to be the second generation to live in this lovely home.  Hopefully one of our three sons will want to keep the home in the family!

The front planter in front of the kitchen window is ever changing throughout the season.  Pansies smile first and then the begonias that are stored through the winter start filling up the planter.  Finally  impatiens take over and flow over the edges.


Welcome to spring time!  This front area used to be grass and shrubs.  Who needs grass when you can grow flowers instead!

Purple Prince and Pink Impression add joy to the Spring time garden.

A favorite of just about anybody, Bleeding Hearts!

I have to show off some of the pretty summer time plants that make the backyard not just a pond, but a garden too.


The cannas and begonias are saved each year and started indoors by late February.  I also grow impatiens, wave petunias, ageratum, marigolds and lobelia from seed each year.


A new orange coneflower, “Art’s Pride.”  I am always game for a new plant!

I promised myself I would take time to enjoy the flowers this year.  The bubble bee must have the same idea.

Sunflowers can’t be beat!


Last year I missed the blooming of my daylilies.  I did not make the same mistake this year.


The boys keep the grass neatly mowed.  Paul edges the gardens.


In the springtime, we have seen a large possum stroll across the backyard,  but this little guy was running across the patio in the Fall, obviously looking for mom.

This squirrel had exotic tastes for our hibiscus leaves and buds.  He pretty much demolished the tree.  I wish he’d stick to acorns!

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