In the Winter

We pushed our luck this year, 2006, and failed to shut down the pond before a cold snap.  Luckily one more flush of warm weather is upon us and the water will come to a stop in a few days.  But the cold snap allowed us to see the pond in a new way.  The ice formations were interesting.

The gardening season is winding down!

This is the pond in the winter.  A strip of dense insulation is set in the pond before the water freezes.  It holds a stock tank heater and supports the frame on which a bubbler is suspended down into the water.   The bubbler is placed 12 inches under the surface of the water and this keeps a hole open in the ice for gas exchange.  If the hole does freeze over, which can happen in January,  the stock tank heater is turned on and the hole in the ice is opened back up.

An April snow storm reminds us that we still have to wait a bit until Spring.  No baroque today!

April snowstorms make for some beautiful pictures.

In the background you have a pretty good view of the solarium which replaced the original 3-season porch. Bethany’s orchids are very happy there!  The middle pond waterfall rock creates some cool icicles as spring nears.

Our bronze sculpture doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the cold very much!

Snow is beginning to melt and the snow angels that we made a week ago are developing a new look!

The pretty purple gazing ball that my children gave me for Mother’s Day, many years ago, decorates the sleeping landscape.

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