Large rocks get moved into place

In June 2003 we rented a telescoping forklift to place the large boulders.  The rental yard let Paul drive this thing away with just a credit card!  Here, we are setting one of our favorite rocks, which looks like it is wrapped with a large pink ribbon:

The ‘hill’ that we have was created from the 30 yards of soil removed from the pond.  Most of the plantings were purchased at fall closeouts and temporarily dug in for the winter.

Here, Paul is excavating for the middle pond.   The larger boulders and waterfall rock are already in place.

The large black pipe is 3″ flexible PVC that is used for the main line from the skimmer and pump up to the biofalls at the top.  The green pipe on the left is 2″ tubing that was used to circulate water temporarily until the upper ponds and streams were completed.


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